Приватний раніше бекдор з багатим функціоналом.
Як і у всіх інших примірниках має
файловий менеджер,
менеджер реєстру,
граббер паролів,
обхід брандмауерів,
можливість завантаження на атакуемую машину шеллкодом,

І багато іншого. Білдер чистий, нікуди не стукає, не лізе.

solitude_rat Показати / Приховати текст
Features :
— FWB (DLL Injection, The DLL is Never Written to Disk)
— Decent Strong Traffic Encryption
— Try to Unhook UserMode APIs
— Plugins Support
— 4 Startup Methods (Shell, Policies, ActiveX, UserInIt)
— Set Maximum Connections
— Built-In File Binder
— MultiThreaded Transfers
— AntiDebugging (Anti VMware, VirtualPC, Anubis Sandbox..etc)

Broadcast :
— Server Options
— Search
|_Search Files
|_Search Windows

— Passwords
|_Misc Passwords
|_FireFox Passwords

— Suspend Options
— Upload Key Logs
— HTTP Download
— DOS Command
— Memory Download
— USB Monitor

Function :
— Managers
|_File Manager
|_Search Files (Threaded)
|_Window Manager
|_Registry Editor
|_Search Registry
|_Process Manager (Terminate, Suspend, Resume and Restart Processes)
|_Modules List (Unload DLL From One Process or From All Processes)
|_Device Manager *
|_Startup Manager (Registry Startup and Folders)
|_Clipboard Manager (Text and Files)
|_Service Manager (With Drivers Support)
|_Startup Manager

— Surveillance
|_Screen Capture (With PNG Compression) // Fast Remote Desktop.
|_Webcam Capture (Supports Multiple WebCams)
|_Key Logger
|_USB Drives (With Auto Copy Files To USB)

— Information
|_PC Information
|_User Accounts
|_Available Accounts
|_Logon Sessions
|_CD Keys (Custome List)
|_Installed Apps.
|_Network Adapters
|_Active Ports *

— Passwords
|_Instant Messengers (MSN Live, Google Talk,Trillian,Miranda,Gaim,Pidgin,Paltalk,IMVU)
|_Web Browsers (Internet Explorer,Firefox,Google Chrome,Opera)
|_Misc. Applications (Steam Client,MS Product Keys,FileZilla Client,No-Ip Duc,IDM Site Logins,DynDns Client)

— Miscellaneous
|_Memory Execute (Execute From HTTP or From Local)
|_Message Box
|_Remote Chat
|_Command Prompt
|Settings _Display
|_Suspend Options
|_Script Creator

— Net Tools
|_WLM Sniffer
|_Socks 4 Server
|_Web Transfers (HTTP Download, FTP Upload and Download)
|_Host Redirect